The Rain Did Fall and the Creek Does Rise

As the backside of Hermine passes through Denton County today , it brings a blessing and a curse. I am getting text messages that creeks everywhere are out of their banks. We were not immune to damage by the steady tropical storm rain (here in town), but a silver lining should emerge in a few days.

Surely the lakes, specifically Ray Roberts Lake, will start to top off from this true monsoon. We can only hope it leads to some flows out of Ray Rob and into the Greenbelt.

Use common sense. Don’t think you are going to hop in your little kayak and stunt your way down some creek! These creeks have no usable, consistent grooves, and you will be snagged and sucked under.

As the waters quickly rise, all kinds of nature will be relocating; snakes, rodents and others will be looking for a “life raft.” Don’t let your back be their landing point.

It’s safer to wait and see how things settle down in these conditions, and reap the kayaking rewards later.

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