Spring Rains Fill Lake Ray Roberts and Flows up in Trinity at Greenbelt

Just a heads up on the conditions at the North Texas Greenbelt waterway – The rains we’ve had have filled up the lake, and it is looking very healthy.

The releases from Ray Roberts into the Trinity and down the Greenbelt waterway are still minimal as the lake has not reached a level that warrants releasing water. However, I would imagine that just a little rain up north of Ray Roberts would facilitate the opening of the floodgates.

Conditions on the Greenbelt are good. Although there is not much water coming from the Dam, there is a lot of water draining from the creeks into the Trinity making it higher than the minimums we’ve seen and quite muddy in color.

It makes for a good cruise, but fishing is a bit off due to the chocolate color of the water. There is a lot of debris in the water, and minimal obstructions could be impassible because of the build up of sticks, and flotsam.


If fishing is your gig, then I would not recommend the Greenbelt right now. If things settle a bit and the water clears, then it would be great. I would recommend fishing the lake proper, and concentrating on coves and choke points to the coves. It’s entirely possible to do a shuttle on Ray Roberts, and I can quote you a price depending on where you want to go.

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