Report from the Greenbelt – Veteran’s Day Weekend 2011

Courtesy Photo Greenbelt Waterway
Courtesy Photo – Bonnie Crumpton

Saturday was an absolutely perfect day for a canoe trip down the Greenbelt! Beautiful weather and you weren’t kidding, the leaves were breathtaking. We didn’t catch anything, but we didn’t fish very much since a headwind and a lot of obstacles slowed us down quite a bit.

Courtesy Photo Greenbelt Waterway in Fall
Courtesy Photo – Bonnie Crumpton

There were 4 or 5 (can’t remember exactly) areas that are completely blocked up by fallen trees and branches. I think we were able to precariously maneuver through 2 or 3 of them (one time getting out and just lining the canoe through and pulling it over the fallen tree trunks) and twice we have to abandon the whole thing and pull the canoe up the riverbank and port around the “dam.” Not sure if the state park can clear any of those paths or not, but if anyone else asks about the Greenbelt you’ll want to warn them of these obstructions. At the time they were very frustrating but given the beauty of the entire day, the challenges were not a big deal in the end since we enjoyed our day very much!

I’ve enclosed some photos from our trip for you. Thanks again for your help, and we will definitely be making this trip again sometime!

– by Bonnie Crumpton

Greenbelt Waterway Courtesy Photo - Bonnie Crumpton
Courtesy Photo – Bonnie Crumpton

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