Ray Roberts Dam is OPEN

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For the first time in years, the Dam at Lake Ray Roberts has been opened up. That’s because there was another bulge of water that hit the lake last night, and although there were cleaning crews working on removing zebra mussels from the pipes at Ray Roberts Dam, apparently they finished in time for the dam to be opened.

I will be going out to take a look at the flow tonight, but you can imagine what these kinds of rains generate in flow, as authorities try to relieve some of the pressure on that lake. To give you an idea of just how much water has actually hit Lake Ray Roberts, the fishing pier at Isle du Bois State Park went underwater early this morning, and the water was rising until they opened the dam.

One benefit of this high water, if history is any lesson, is that this kind of water also leads to the closing of boat ramps all around Lake Ray Roberts. The pressure is off the fish, and most of the lake will be like a ghost town. I’ve done it before, and it’s a blast!

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