Put KSS Through The Paces

Here is an image from the Greenbelt at 380 today. I had a call from a couple of friends who said they were going exploring, so I took the opportunity to get out to the launch and shoot a few photographs. Water flow is virtually nil at 380, and only slightly more as you go north. If you check the release rates, you will see that they are only releasing a token amount of water to keep it from flowing backward out of Lewisville Lake into the Trinity.

If you are visiting the site for the first time, please look around, click on different things, and let me know if there are problems anywhere. There will be more photography for the gallery, GPS coordinates for the map area, and it’s about time to get started on the rack for the trailer. I can currently transport three kayaks, as is, so feel free to go to the contact page if you need a shuttle

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