Now’s The Time

OK, if you’ve been waiting for the go ahead, it’s time to go ahead and kayak the North Texas Greenbelt.

There are still obstructions in the waterway, but there’s more water coming out of the Lake Ray Roberts Dam, and before it gets too buggy, you really may want to think about a float.

Last month and into the first couple of days of April, the fishing has been spotty on the Greenbelt, but that’s mostly over now, and the flows that were running pretty strong a couple of weeks ago, are shut down for now.

I am guessing that the slowing of the release from Ray Roberts is due to the over capacity at Lewisville Lake, and the only way Ray Roberts will get the green light to open the gates again is if the lake goes way over conservation pool. As it is now, Ray Roberts is barely recognizable with water flooding the grassy flats, over the banks at Isle Du Bois Park, and the dry season still a couple of months away.

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