Kayaking the Trinity River at Greenbelt

I managed an exploratory trip from the put in at FM 428 at the North Texas Greenbelt last week. We decided to go UP from 428 toward the Dam Park along the Greenbelt. Looking up river from the 428 put in, it appears to be almost immediately blocked, but you can thread your way through and head up the Trinity quite easily. The problems start along the areas where the water is shallow, thus creating significant current as water picks up speed even though the volume is still pitiful.

We did not go all the way to the park because of the current and towing through the shallow sections would have made for a heck of a day. We did discover, with absolutely no doubt, that there is enough of a current to warrant starting from the Dam Park and head south on the Trinity River.

We saw plenty of very large – say 40-plus inch gar fighting along the shallow currents, and that did give us pause, and motivation for our next trip (north-to-south). Having caught a few gar, I can say they are a complete blast, and these spotted gar look to be in the 10 pound range. Gar are difficult to identify, so they may even be the illusive longnose gar like the one I caught by the dam awhile back.

On another front, the steel is in hand, and I am welding the racks for the flatbed this week. I will update with photograph of finished product in about a week.

I am also going to give away free shuttling at set times on set weekend days beginning very soon. Before I can do that, I have to do 100-percent of the Dam to 428 run. If anyone can fill in the blanks (accurately), I can begin shuttling that much earlier.

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