Green Belt Elm Fork Trinity River Not Open Not Navigable Not Safe

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I hope the headline is enough to get your attention! It has taken awhile to get back to the updates here, as flooding, epic flows from Lake Ray Roberts and other area lakes — have dominated my reporting on

For the record, all boat ramps, and all lake parks are closed on Lake Ray Roberts. That doesn’t, however, mean you can’t get a kayak on Lake Ray Roberts, a lake that is absolutely bulging with water that covers parking lots, like the one at the Sanger Texas Boat Ramp (a TPWD boat ramp) next to the only marina on Lake Ray Roberts.

The rain around here has drowned the drought, and your access to any areas comes with a new set of biblical conditions. Lakes have giant mounds of floating fire ants, and I have seen snakes on every visit to Ray Roberts as well. All manner of nature is on the move.

Visually, when the US Army Core of Engineers (USACE) had the Lake Ray Roberts Dam open at 2-thousand CFS, it was just beautiful, big but beautiful. Since that day, the flows are varied just about every day – from down around 5-thousand (not beautiful) to up around 7-thousand (breathtaking).

If fishing is your thing, this kind of water below the Ray Roberts Dam is for the big surf rod guys with ounces of weight to hold the bottom for catfish. There’s no evidence of hybrids on the stretch, and the variations in flow and the Elm Fork being out of the banks in areas are probably part of this equation.

If you want to see this biblical event up close, the TPWD has left the Dam park at Ray Roberts open. You will find many fishers, many gawkers and also, when they are about to open the dam, swift water rescue boats and personnel at the standby when they are about to open up the dam. Of course, the talking head media is there, mostly talking, and helicopters are circling every day.

The rule any kayaker should have in their top five, if not number one is:


and that is so true all over the State of Texas right now.


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