Drought Over But Dam Still Holding – Spring Looks Promising for Water Release

North Texas is in better shape than the rest of Texas when it comes to lake levels, but with Ray Roberts just below conservation pool, and the future unpredictable, the Core is hanging on a little longer before opening up the Ray Roberts Dam.
That means that the water in this stretch of the Trinity is still moving pretty slow and low. The water is plenty cold from ambient air temperatures, but with runoff and wind blowing debris into the water – clarity is still a problem for fishing.

It would be easy to think the Dam is open by driving by and looking at the Trinity at 380, but what you are seeing is Lewisville Lake backing up into the Trinity, and creek runoff below the Dam – into the Trinity.

Overall, there are sand bass starting to find their way up the Trinity, but not in any numbers worthy of pursuit. You can keep up with fishing conditions at www.texasflyreports.com and www.texasflycaster.com. I am checking the river for sand bass just about every other day as weather and conditions make sense.

If you are a kayaker who paddles the Trinity River inside the Greenbelt, be sure to share your information on conditions, blockages/obstructions, fishing and photography of what you see on your ride. Everyone who reads Kayak Shuttle Service would certainly appreciate the information.

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