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What are conditions like along the Greenbelt?

Ray Roberts Dam is OPEN

kayak shuttle service greenbelt kayaking denton texas FLOODING CONDITIONS RADICALLY CHANGING THE GREENBELT RIGHT NOW For the first time in years, the Dam at Lake Ray Roberts has been opened up. That’s because there was another bulge of water that hit the lake last night, and although there were cleaning crews working on removing zebra […]

May 2015 – Time To Think About Your Kayak Trip Down The Greenbelt Corridor

greenbelt kayak shuttle service denton #kayaking Ray Roberts Lewisville Texas Kayaking conditions along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River from Lake Ray Roberts to Lewisville Lake are definitely better than they have been in years. A contact today made me think in terms of “rating” the float from point-to-point, and here’s what I came […]

TPWD Responds to Report on Denton Greenbelt Obstructions

Thank you for notifying us about your recent experience while visiting the Greenbelt. We appreciate when visitors care enough about the parks to take time out of their own busy schedules to keep us informed. As you know, the Trinity River is dynamic, constantly changing, and full of wildlife. River obstructions are a natural part […]

Now’s The Time

OK, if you’ve been waiting for the go ahead, it’s time to go ahead and kayak the North Texas Greenbelt. There are still obstructions in the waterway, but there’s more water coming out of the Lake Ray Roberts Dam, and before it gets too buggy, you really may want to think about a float. Last […]

Spring Rains Fill Lake Ray Roberts and Flows up in Trinity at Greenbelt

Just a heads up on the conditions at the North Texas Greenbelt waterway – The rains we’ve had have filled up the lake, and it is looking very healthy. The releases from Ray Roberts into the Trinity and down the Greenbelt waterway are still minimal as the lake has not reached a level that warrants […]

Drought Over But Dam Still Holding – Spring Looks Promising for Water Release

North Texas is in better shape than the rest of Texas when it comes to lake levels, but with Ray Roberts just below conservation pool, and the future unpredictable, the Core is hanging on a little longer before opening up the Ray Roberts Dam. That means that the water in this stretch of the Trinity […]

Report from the Greenbelt – Veteran’s Day Weekend 2011

Courtesy Photo – Bonnie Crumpton Saturday was an absolutely perfect day for a canoe trip down the Greenbelt! Beautiful weather and you weren’t kidding, the leaves were breathtaking. We didn’t catch anything, but we didn’t fish very much since a headwind and a lot of obstacles slowed us down quite a bit. Courtesy Photo – […]

Fall is Upon us

Temperatures have cooled finally, but there is still no forecast of rain in the two week forecast. The Greenbelt from 380 Park to Lake Lewisville is now non-navigable. Lake Lewisville has receded on the northern reaches – away from Hwy. 380 – several hundred yards. There are other opportunities to kayak on Lake Ray Roberts […]

Report From Greenbelt Alliance on Meeting with TPWD on June 9, 2011

Report By Lauren Poleski of the Greenbelt Alliance Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) hosted a meeting last night for equestrian users of the Greenbelt. Chris True, Park Superintendent, spoke for about 30 minutes and then opened up the floor for comments. Dr. Ken Dickson and I attended to represent the board of the Greenbelt Alliance. […]

Greenbelt Abuzz

I heard on the streets of Denton today that there were kayakers all over the Trinity at the Greenbelt above 380! That’s fantastic news, and I hope this means there is more water coming down from the Ray Roberts Dam and below.

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