A Message From the Greenbelt Alliance

The Greenbelt Alliance wants to make sure all members know about the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s public meeting later this week (Thursday, June 9) concerning a change in the horse trail system on the Greenbelt.

Chris True and his staff at Lake Ray Roberts State Park are convening a public meeting to discuss options for the 455 FM – 428 FM horse trail including consideration to move the trail from the East side of the Greenbelt to the West side. The existing trail has been closed due to storm damage since last fall.

The meeting will be held Thursday, June 9 at 7:00pm at Lantana Lodge.
Lantana Lodge is located at 2200 FM 1192, Pilot Point TX.
The lodge’s phone # is 940-686 0261.

It is important that all users of the Greenbelt participate in this discussion since a change in the trail location may have potential ramifications on other recreational uses and users of the Greenbelt.

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